Welcome to Longford Horticulture

  • A view of the pagoda by the South facing wall sports a number of climbers including Wysteria.

  • Dahlia bed in full bloom but in winter is usually full of winter and spring flowering plants.

  • Two of the tunnels we have on site here. We can grow a range of plants some tender and some nursery stock for growing on.

  • Front of the office and classroom which is based on the site of the first school which was opened by the Edgeworth family.

Would you like to work in Horticulture

National Learning Network's Horticulture course is a two year, no pressure program for individuals who want to have a career in the horticulture industry. If you think you might like to participate in this course you can contact us by phone or email and arrange to meet with us and discuss the matter. All of these details can be found on our contact page.