Week 20


This area is being covered by the Veg staff.


Wet Paint up the arch in the shed and ready it for installation out on the grounds, Find some time for study. Dry Strike some cuttings of Fuchsia and Penstemon, Weed some of the beds, Spray the horsetail, Plant out some more dahlias, Remove wallflowers and Mayosotis from the beds, Fertilise the lawns.


Wet Water plants in the Nursery and cold frames, Monitor any plants in the greenhouse. Dry Pinch out tips of bedding plants, Prick out more seedlings, Harden of any plants that are strong enough, Hang fly traps in the tunnels, Spray for aphids, Pot on any plants in liners in the nursery.

Protected Crops

Wet Clean out a shed, Find a little study time. Dry Water under the cloches and tunnel, Plant out some tomatoes outside, Watch for aphids in the tunnel, Sow some spring onion and lettuce, Finish planting cucumbers, squash, melons and courgettes.


Wet Find a shed to clean, Find some study time. Dry Tie in fruit canes, Earth up the potatoes, Spread some slug pellets around tender plants, Take some cuttings of herb's, Plant out cabbage, Sow some more vegetable seed, Prick out and pot on some vegetable seedlings, Make some wig-wams for the lower tunnel, Cut grass in fruit area, Plant some turnips.