Week 21


Wet Clean one of the sheds, find some study time. Dry Weed around the fruit trees, cut grass in fruit section if required, weed the alpine section, monitor hosta's for slug damage, cover developing fruit with fleece, watch out for aphids, tie new fruit canes to supports, pull out any raspberry shoots growing in wrong place, feed the strawberry's.


Wet Pot on any grasses not heeled in. Dry Plant on Holly trees, plant sorbus on mound, put slug pellets around hosta's to protect against slugs, weed around the mound, mow the lawns, strim around the trees, spray roses against black spot, prune spring flowering shrubs.


Wet Sow a range of seed if necessary, water plants in tunnel 1/2 and the greenhouse, pot on any cuttings that are ready, prick out any seedlings that are ready for transplanting. Dry Take some cuttings of hydrangea and pelargoniums, pinch out any flowers growing on plants in the tunnel or under plastic.

Protected Crops

Wet Give tomatoes peppers courgettes and chillies a feed, pinch out tomato suckers, keep plants in tunnel 1/3 watered. Dry Plant spring onions, check compost heaps, keep cloches watered.


Wet Plant french runner beans in tunnel 1, sow some cabbage seed. Dry Plant out peas and provide support, weed vegetable plots if necessary.