Week 28


Wet Clean one of the sheds, find some study time. Dry Harvest any ripe fruit, weed around fruit bushes, cut grass in fruit section, harvest rhubarb, help grounds staff if there is time, tidy the alpine section..


Wet Find some time to study, clean top shed. Dry Spray Dahlia's for caterpillars/aphids with rose clear, tidy and deadhead the carpet roses, finish planting the summer bedding plants, tie up the sweet pea's to their supports, edge the borders, give the Dahlia's a liquid feed, weed the borders, deadhead the bedding plants.


Wet Find some time to study, clean out the nursery. Dry Take cuttings of cistus, sow seeds of wallflowers foxgloves pansies and honesty. Monitor cuttings under plastic, water if required, pick up debris around cuttings, monitor plants in tunnel 2 and water when required, monitor plants outside in pots and dunk or water when required, pot on any softwood cutting which are developed enough.

Protected Crops

Wet Find some time to study and or find a shed to clean, pinch of bottom third of leaves on tomatoes, prune the grape plant. Dry Feed tomatoes peppers chillies cucumbers Monday and Thursday, water crops in tunnel 1 and 3 everyday, water under cloches, weed under and between cloches, harvest courgettes regularly, prick out suckers on marrows, monitor all plants for pests and disease.


Wet Find some time to study, clean one of the sheds, plant a round of peas and beans. Dry Weed around rhubarb, harvest onions and peas, help grounds staff if time is available, check the netting on cabbage and ensure its secure, sow salad leaves, trim the lavender shrubs, weed the herb garden.