Week 38


Wet Clean one of the sheds, find some study time. Dry Mow the lawns around the fruit trees, continue weeding the alpine section.


Wet Find some time to study, do a stock take of bulbs, clean top shed. Dry Lift Dahlia's snowdrops and crocuses,clear all the front bed, reduce the height of the roses, tidy up the beds around the old morgue, plant some evergreen shrubs, gather up leaves.


Wet Find some time to study, clean out the nursery. Dry Water all plants under cover and outside if required, clean out greenhouse, water any protected plants under plastic, monitor under the cold frames and hardwood cutting section plucking out flowers if required, monitor under plastic for pests and disease and clean up fallen debris.

Protected Crops

Wet Find some time to study and or find a shed to clean, store chillies. Dry Plant salad crops, clean the tunnel, remove any dead plants from the tunnel, feed and harvest tomato's and chillies, fork over the soil in the tunnel, harvest cucumbers under the cloches.


Wet Find some time to study, clean one of the sheds. Dry Dig over the herb garden, harvest carrot leek and cabbages, divide a range of herbs, clear away old veg, tidy up compost heaps.