Week 45


Wet Clean one of the sheds, divide a range of alpines, find some study time. Dry Finish off weeding the wild/willow garden, tidy up the strawberry's and cut back untidy foliage, loosen any straps on fruit trees which may be too tight, take hardwood cuttings of fruit trees, prune old raspberry canes.


Wet Find some time to study, clean top shed. Dry Dig over the rose beds, dig over the flower bed at shalom, mow the grass if possible, tidy up the dahlia's in the shed.


Wet Find some time to study, clean out the nursery. Dry Pot on hardwood cuttings, pot on the cuttings in the tunnel, water all plants under cover and outside if required, clean out greenhouse, water any protected plants under plastic, monitor under the cold frames and hardwood cutting section plucking out flowers if required, monitor under plastic for pests and disease and clean up fallen debris.

Protected Crops

Wet Find some time to study and or find a shed to clean, store chillies. Dry Remove spent tomato plants and harvest remaining tomato's, replant salad crops in their place, harvest crops under cloches, water under cloches, water plants in the green house, harvest chillies.


Wet Find some time to study, clean one of the sheds. Dry Continue to harvest winter veg such as leeks, cabbages and parsnips.